Maldives #2


Just arrived in Kuda Huraa, after discovering the surprises left for the children, we go to meet Big Mama, the renowned director of the Kuda Mas Club (« little fish » in Dhivehi). Today’s programme is announced on a little blackboard outside. It’s snorkelling and pizza workshop in the morning, then henna tattoos, mini-manicure and a visit to the sea turtle clinic in the afternoon.

Children from the four corners of the earth become friends in the blink of an eye, flippers on their feet and snorkels in their mouths. Hundreds of multicoloured fish, mere feet from the shore, surprise and delight.

The days pass in joy. The list of things to discover is endless. Cruising with dolphins, surfing lessons, learning about the preservation of the coral reef at the Marine Discovery Centre, building a treasure trove of gorgeous seashells…


Here, children rule.

Barefoot at all times, they can set off on adventure at any time, thanks to the equipment provided in the rooms.

Whenever we feel like it, we slip on our lifejackets and head off together in search of Nemo.

The outside shower is our first destination upon return. What could be better?

We give full marks to the lovely line of natural body care products, Surf’s Up Kidside, that pampers fragile, sandy skin at the end of the day. It’s a perfect choice, as is the house linen: raffia flip-flops and a pretty printed, light cotton bathrobe, to be worn – why not? – on the way to the spa.


The Island Spa is reached by dhoni, a traditional Maldivian boat. Treatments are given in pavilions on stilts. Families are invited to enjoy the Reconnection Rituals. We tested the Aailaa, 150 minutes of bliss that begin with a yoga and relaxation session, followed by the preparation of a natural milk, walnut and almond exfoliation. The idea is to relax, to recharge by softening your skin, then enjoy a light refreshment before heading back to the main island.
When the sun sets, the Reef Club is the place to be. The kitchen staff distribute a few pieces of fish to the children who throw them into the water and watch, fascinated, as baby sharks come to feed.

An evening at the Baraabaru is next, with a sumptuous Indian dinner.

We head home by torchlight. Tomorrow, our departure by seaplane is scheduled at dawn.

En route to…